What to Expect

On entering the building, you will receive a warm welcome from a member of our Greeter’s Ministry.  Immediately, you’ll be drawn forward by the anointing that flows from our talented Music Ministry.  You’ll experience keyboards, drums and vocalists setting the atmosphere and calling upon the presence of the Lord.
Because everyone worships in his or her own unique manner, you may see worshipers in casual or conservative attire.

At Greater Grace, we have a Divine word to share in its true form without adding or taking anything away.  Pastor Johen goes to great lengths to ensure the message is taught and translated back to its original Hebrew and Greek translations, while visually painting a picture of the time period before applying it to today’s standard of living.  The message is conveyed in love and leaves the believer feeling empowered, hopeful, and refreshed.



Sunday Schedule

Sunday Worship Service     10:00am
Sunday School  (Adult)         9:00am
Wednesday Bible Study        6:30pm
1636 US Hwy 1 Youngsville, NC 27596