Greater Grace Christian Church History

Greater Grace Christian Church was founded by Pastor Henrette (Henry) Johen as “Greater Grace Christian.” Prior to founding GGCC, Rev. Johen pastored St. Paul United Church of Christ.  It was during his tenure years there that the Lord began to birth the vision for Greater Grace Christ Church.  The church motto is “Ministry building Ministries.”  This is the statement that sums up the essence of the ministry.

Greater Grace Christian Church held its inaugural service on the second Sunday in April of 2005 at Rolesville Middle School, Wake Forest, North Carolina.  The ministry began with only one choir consisting of six singers (who sang every Sunday) with a keyboard player, bass player, and a drummer.  In May of 2006, Greater Grace was adopted into the United Church of Christ as a new church start by the Eastern North Carolina Association. 

The members of Greater Grace desired to learn more about the Word and requested a weekly Bible Study.  However, our location could not accommodate the extra day.  GGCC solicited churches in the area for a place to have bible study.  We were invited by Rev. Dr. Enoch Holloway and the trustees to have bible study in their chapel on Wednesday evenings.

There was a strong desire among our members to have our own space for bible study and worship services and the search began.  GGCC continued having its Bible Study at Friendship Baptist Church in Wake Forest where the two ministries peacefully shared Friendship Chapel’s space until the Divine hand of God led Greater Grace Christian Church to relocate to Youngsville in 2006, our current location.

Since in this location, we have formed the Board of Directors, a Ministerial Team, a Youth Ministry, a Women’s Ministry, a Praise Team and a Sunday school class.  Because many churches have the idea that religion seems to offer no real relevance to the changing climate of the times, Greater Grace Christian Church was divinely inspired by God for such a time as this.  Greater Grace Christian Church offers a true theological approach of the biblical text with a philosophical view that connects the text to our daily experiences and situation through Jesus the Christ.  The primary focus of this ministry is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching and witnessing.  God has continued to bless the church as we do the work of our Lord.  Greater Grace Christian Church will continue to preach and teach the true doctrine of Christ knowing that preaching the truth through the Word of God, Jesus the Christ can be glorified and magnified and the captives set free!