Welcome To Greater Grace Christian Church

We are honored that you’ve been led to visit our website and extend our gratitude for your presence.  We pray that you are encouraged and uplifted by your visit.  After viewing our site, we further pray that you will be moved to physically visit us and share a life changing worship experience with us as we magnify and praise the Lord.
Greetings Members and Friends
Greater Grace Christian Church welcome to the staff Rev. Dr. Earl Johnson as Pastor of Greater Grace Christian Church. No doubt, this is the year where God’s blessing on us manifests itself in the form of a gifted and anointed pastor (Rev. Dr. Earl Johnson) to serve as Pastor of Greater Grace Christian Church.
Dr. Johnson arrival to Greater Grace has saturated is with new beginnings and new chapters, with renewed hope and renewed vitality for Greater Grace. Personally and professionally, I’m very thankful for God’s blessing on us with such a gift. I’m excited to work with a fellow theologian, a fellow bibliophile, a fellow author, and a fellow church Organizer, to name a few of Dr. Johnson qualities.
We know we’re not a perfect congregation. No congregation is perfect. There are still ways for us to streamline the way we carry the gospel out into Youngsville. There are still ways for us to more enthusiastically fold newcomers into our midst. There are still ways for us to harness 21st-century technology for the purposes of building God’s Kingdom this year. There are still ways for us to become a tighter family of many generations working together.
Join me in rejoicing that our new additional Pastor has arrived, but also let us remain diligent, both as individuals and as a corporate body. As Dr. Johnson begin to observe us and strategize about how to best work with us, I solicit the congregation to be of one Spirit one on one accord in Jesus the Christ. Join me in enthusiastically welcoming Pastor Rev. Dr. Johnson this way!
Let us take to heart how Paul ends his admonition to the believers in Rome: “And now to him who is able to establish us by the gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ… so that all nations might believe and obey him, to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ. Amen!”
Please see Rev. Dr. Johnson his complete Bio on this church website.

Pastor Henrette. Johen, BA., MDIV
Greater Grace Christian Church, UCC 1636 US Hwy 1
Youngsville, NC  27596